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Robert K. Dubroff ’42

Robert Kusiel Dubroff ’42, June 10, 2004, in Waterbury, Connecticut. Robert attended Reed for one year, then spent a year working on dairy farms in New York and Connecticut before enrolling at New York University. After two years he took a position as a production planner with Wright Aeronautical, which manufactured engines for World War II bombers. He received a BA in economics at Brooklyn College in 1946, an MA in education in 1948, and PhD in psychology in 1965 from New York University. His marriage, with two children, ended in divorced. Robert worked as a teacher in public and private schools, as a psychologist in a Massachusetts mental health clinic, and as a school psychologist in Connecticut. For 21 years he was a member of the graduate faculty for the Fairfield University School of Education in Fairfield. "In the course of these years, I was continuously influenced by my single year at Reed in my appreciation of personal relationships in learning settings, a standard of intellectual effort, and effort in small groups." During the Vietnam War, Robert was active in the peace movement, and maintained a strong volunteer effort for social justice and issues dealing with the environment. He enjoyed retirement with hobbies such as photography and gardening, noting: "I say to my friends that daily I arise to help pull the sun over the mountain. Some look at me strangely, but others understand." Survivors include his wife, Ruth Pepper, to whom he was married for nine years; his son and daughter; three grandchildren; and his brother.

Appeared in Reed magazine: November 2004

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