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Leroy W. Jensen ’38

Leroy William Jensen ’38, August 24, 2003, from cancer. Roy attended Reed for two years with a focus on premedicine, then completed a BA at Oregon State College (Oregon State University) in bacteriology. Following graduation, he worked as a bacteriologist with the Oregon State Board of Health, doing epidemiology fieldwork throughout Oregon. In 1941 he completed the Civil Pilot Training Program, graduating from the USNAS program in Texas as a naval aviator in 1942. He then became an advanced instrument flight instructor with the 1st Marine Transport Group, and was deployed to the Pacific islands in 1943. After World War II, Roy joined the Marine Corps Reserves, retiring as a colonel in 1968. In 1956 he married Connie Eykelbosch, and they raised four children. Roy was an accomplished skier, traveler, and outdoorsman, and provided support for more than 20 environmental groups. Survivors include his daughter and sons, and seven grandchildren. His wife died in March.

Appeared in Reed magazine: November 2003

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