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Charlotte Lukes Pearson Chandler ’34

Charlotte Pearson Lukes-Chandler ’34, May 3, 2000, in Downey, California, following surgery. After graduation from Reed, she worked for the YWCA in a variety of capacities in Portland, Indianapolis, Chicago, and California. A scholarship from the YWCA helped her to earn a master’s degree in religion from the University of Southern California School of Religion in 1958. She and her husband, Joe Lukes ’34, then settled in Downey and adopted a daughter, and she devoted her time to being a mother and Girl Scout leader. She became a well known social and community activist in Downey, where she helped to establish Advocates for Multicultural Harmony, a group designed to improve communication among various cultures. She also helped establish a Spanish language service at Downey United Methodist Church and was active in Church Women United, the American Friends Service Committee, and Women in Community Service. Joe died in 1987, and in 1998 she married David Chandler. Survivors include her second husband and her daughter.

Appeared in Reed magazine: November 2000

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