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Lyle Hurt ’34

Lyle Hurt ’34, January 21, 2005, in Portland. Lyle attended Reed for two years before transferring to Oregon State Agricultural College (Oregon State University), from which he received a Bachelor of Science in 1934. He worked in a drapery business, drove Portland trams, and, in 1939, joined the Portland police as a patrolman. During World War II, he fought in the Pacific Theatre, served with occupational forces in Japan, and received the Bronze Star. Several years after returning to the Portland police force, he was given charge of the crime lab, and made expert appearances in the courtroom. In 1970 he retired, having served the police force for 30 years. He then taught forensic science at a community college in Vancouver, Washington. Lyle held the title of state, northwest, and master’s handball champion, playing until he was 80, even encumbered by Parkinson Disease. He was devoted to his wife, Edith Georgesen, to whom he was married for more than 50 years; she died in 2000. Lyle was characterized by his honesty, intelligence, and gentle nature, and is survived by his daughter.

Appeared in Reed magazine: May 2005

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