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C. Russell Parker ’42

Charles Russell Parker ’42, January 28, 2003, from idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis, in his home in Seattle, Washington. Parker completed a Bachelor of Arts in chemistry at Reed and earned an MD from Cornell University in 1945. He served in the army for two years after World War II, after which he practiced psychiatry in Portland for 10 years. In the ’60s, he married a second time and lived in Southern California. For 20 years he was curator of a fossil collection, and assisted research students, at California State University–Long Beach. He retired to Seattle. Throughout his life, Charles performed as a drummer and timpanist in a variety of musical settings that included the Dixieland Docs in Portland, and the Renton City (Washington) Concert Band. In addition to enjoying a full spectrum of music, he enjoyed preparing dishes from Asia and South America, and with local wild mushrooms. He is survived by his wife, Lidia Rosario Morales Parker, his daughter, two grandchildren, and a sister. His son predeceased him.

Appeared in Reed magazine: May 2003

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