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Mildred A. Cline ’32

Mildred Cline ’32, January 10, 2000, in Portland. Her long career as a librarian began at Reed College, where she worked in the library for two years following graduation. She studied library science at the University of Wisconsin for a year, and then returned to Portland to take a position with the Library Association of Portland. In 1941–42, she took a leave of absence to pursue a master’s degree in government at New York University. She returned again to Portland and her job, completing her thesis in absentia and earning an MA in 1946. In 1959, she left her position as department head in the Portland library and moved to the San Fernando Valley, California to live with her sister, Arlien Johnson ’17. There, she accepted a job as college reference librarian at the new California State University, Northridge. The two lived there until 1964, when smog and freeways led them to return to Oregon. She then worked at the Oregon State Library, where she was involved in producing a printed book catalog. The experience led her to take a sabbatical at the University of Washington in 1967–68 to study information technology in relation to libraries. She returned to the Library Association of Portland as a cataloger for several years until her retirement. In later years, she enjoyed traveling, gardening, involvement with the League of Women Voters, and participating in Reed-sponsored events on campus. Arlien died in 1988; there are no known survivors.

Appeared in Reed magazine: May 2000

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