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Marian Jenkins ’24

Marian Jenkins ’24, July 10, 1999, in San Mateo, California. She attended Reed for one year, but left to pursue a teaching career. She earned a BA from the University of Oregon in 1925 and later did graduate studies at Whittier College and UCLA. She was an instructor in the education department at Whittier in 1933–40 and taught in summer sessions at a number of colleges in Oregon and California. She also served as a curriculum coordinator for Los Angeles City Schools, was director of Project Headstart for Los Angeles County, and was a consultant in early childhood and elementary education for Los Angeles County schools. She retired in 1970. In 1965, she was elected to the vestry of the Episcopal Church in Los Angeles, the first woman to be elected to such a position. The college has no information about her survivors. Her sister, Ruth Jenkins ’24, predeceased her.

Appeared in Reed magazine: May 2000

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