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Myron H. Ruderman ’58

Myron Ruderman ’58, of pancreatic cancer, September 4, 1997, in Issaquah, Washington. He was a poet, playwright, and anintermittent physicist, and was a technical writer in the computer industry from 1966 until his death. After graduating from Reed, he worked as a physicist for two years in a nonmilitary nuclear research facility in Livermore, California where he became involved with the local community theatre. He acted in theatre groups in Colorado, and in Oakland, San Francisco, and Los Angeles, in productions ranging from Shakespeare to experimental theatre pieces. In 1971, he organized and ran the Theater of Joy, an experimental group in San Francisco. He wrote several plays that were produced in Bellingham and Seattle. He also wrote poetry and published his poetry in several anthologies, including Golden Horses, published in 1976. During the ’80s, he taught a poetry writing workshop in the Los Angeles area and hosted a public cable access TV show, Poetry Night Live, in the San Fernando Valley. He is survived by his parents and four children.

Appeared in Reed magazine: May 1998

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