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Dorothy Olds Olshen ’37

Dorothy Olds Olshen ’37, January 12, 1998, in Burlingame, California. She attended Reed College for one year, leaving to marry Abraham Olshen ’33, and later attended the State University of Iowa. After spending several years in Iowa and in Portland, the couple moved to the San Francisco area and settled in Burlingame. She was a homemaker, raising two children and participating in school, community, and temple activities. In 1960, she completed a BA from San Francisco State University. She helped found Temple Beth Elin San Mateo and Peninsula Temple Shalom in Burlingame, and was a three generation life member of Hadassah. She was decorated for her service to the League of Women Voters, and served as president of the local PTA. Dorothy and her husband were longtime supporters of Reed College. She is survived by her husband; a son and daughter; six grandchildren, and one great-grandchild.

Appeared in Reed magazine: May 1998

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