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Linda Grace Ludwin ’73

A picture of Linda Ludwin

Linda Grace Ludwin ’73, September 2011, in Saltaire, West Yorkshire, U.K., from cancer. Linda was born in Buffalo, New York, the eldest of five daughters, and spent most of her childhood in Newton, Massachusetts. She earned a BA from Reed in fine art. As an undergraduate, she studied in Zaria, Nigeria, where she met Steve Daniels, whom she married upon graduation. Linda spent several years teaching sculpture at Ahmadu Bello University in Nigeria and received an MA in fine art and sculpture from the university in 1977 for her thesis on Yoruba woodcarving. She worked as an assistant to the curator at the Institute of African Studies at the University of Ibadan, and then as lecturer in the department of fine arts at Ahmadu Bello. Linda and Steve relocated to Cornwall, England, where her daughter, Katherine, was born in 1979. Linda later got a job as coordinator and manager at the Milton Keynes Community Workshop Trust in Buckinghamshire. In 1986, she joined the faculty at Leicester Polytechnic as a lecturer in arts administration. She was a member of the technology faculty at the Open University Centre for Technology Strategy in Milton Keynes and cofounder of the film company Big Pond Productions. Film units formed the focus of her thesis, “The One-Shot Deal: Temporary Organizations, UK Feature Film Units, and Learning Organization Theory,” which earned her a PhD from the Open University in 2004. She became senior lecturer and program leader in arts and cultural management at Chester College, University of Liverpool. “Linda was a woman of integrity, extremely independent and always true to her ideals—a power to be reckoned with,” says her sister Judy. “She applied her gifts as a teacher not only to her students but also to many others who crossed her path. Her trait of being unapologetically unconventional, coupled with her compassion, had a life-changing influence on many.” Her daughter, her mother, and four sisters survive her. Our thanks to her friend and roommate, Liza Hirsch Medina ’74, and her sister, Judy, for their help with this memorial.

Appeared in Reed magazine: March 2012

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