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Jacqueline Lee Gibson ’62

A picture of Jacqueline Gibson

Jacqueline Lee Gibson ’62, October 30, 2011, in Helena, Montana. Jacquie attended Reed and the University of Montana, later earning a BA in English at the university in 1975. “Thank goodness there was Reed to prepare me for the real world. I still consider my year at Reed as the most significant year of my life, most influential, most important,” she said. Jacquie married Michael Gonsior in 1960. They settled in Missoula and had three daughters. While her daughters were growing up, Jacquie volunteered with Camp Fire and taught middle school English. Following divorce, she returned to the University of Montana and earned an MA in communications. In 1984, she began her life with her partner, Sandra J. Shull, and also founded Family Mediation Services. From 1988 to 1997, Jacquie developed and directed the University of Oregon’s mediation program and then moved to Helena, where she became a founding member of the Collaboration Institute. Throughout her life, she practiced and taught mediation, conflict management, and communication, and was also an enthusiastic mentor for embryo mediators. Jacquie played piano and sang beautifully, performing in choral groups, most recently with the Helena Symphony Chorale. She was an enthusiastic booster of the arts, studied many of them, and succeeded in most. Survivors include Sandy and Jacquie’s daughters. Remembrances may be made in her memory to Reed College.

Appeared in Reed magazine: March 2012

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