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Alta-Ruth Schmidt Young ’39

Alta-Ruth Schmidt Young ’39, July 4, 2009, in Oakhurst, California. Alta-Ruth came to Reed after studying in junior colleges in California. She earned a BA in general literature, and returned to the college in 1941 for a teaching certificate. “The year was well spent, although I subsequently went into social work rather than teaching.” She worked with teenagers through YMCA programs in Portland and in Bellingham, Washington. She married Edward H. Young Jr. in 1946 and did casework in Multnomah County for ten years until moving with her husband and their son to Los Gatos, California. Alta-Ruth considered her job as a medical social worker at the Santa Clara Valley Medical Center in San Jose to be her most satisfying work experience. After retiring in 1970, she and Edward moved to a home adjacent to Yosemite National Park. They owned a second home in Oakhurst, near their son and his family. Life in retirement remained busy and full. Alta-Ruth said that the years at Reed taught her to treasure time. “'Free time' is a luxury I have never since taken for granted!”

Appeared in Reed magazine: March 2010

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