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Roger Ives Miller ’52

An Oregon native, Roger attended Reed, where he studied nuclear chemistry. He wrote his thesis, “Irradiation Experiments Using the New Co⁶⁰ Source” with Prof. Arthur F. Scott [chemistry 1923–79]. At Reed he met and married Barbara Jean Goldman ’52. After graduation, Roger worked at the Hanford Nuclear Site before going on to earn a master’s in radiation biology from the University of Rochester and study health physics at Brookhaven National Laboratory in Long Island, New York. Roger and Barbara then moved to California, where they raised their family. For 12 years he was a radiation chemist for Aerojet’s nuclear facility in San Ramon, California, and then worked for many years as chemistry/radiation superintendent at the Rancho Seco Nuclear Facility near Sacramento. After taking an early retirement, Roger enjoyed many active years of managing his small farms, volunteering, making home-brew, playing the piano, and devising ways to keep turkeys out of his gardens. Barbara died in 2002. Roger is survived by his four daughters: Alexi Miller, Alyssa Miller (who attended Reed 1977-79), Wendy Gibson, and Trudy Miller Penning; and three grandchildren.

Appeared in Reed magazine: June 2016

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