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Cornelia LeBoutillier Eyre ’46

A picture of Cornelia LeBoutillier Eyre

Cornelia LeBoutillier Eyre ’46, January 22, 2013. Born in Bisbee, Arizona, Cornelia moved to California and Oregon following the early death of her father. She studied at Reed during the time that her mother, Cornelia Geer LeBoutillier, was dean of women (1941–43), and graduated from Radcliffe College in 1946. An artist, gardener, activist, and collector of folk songs (which she sang and performed on guitar), Cornelia developed a unique career as a creator of mobiles, which she made from aluminum, glass, and wire. Following her marriage to John Eyre in 1952 in New York, she lived in New Jersey, Montreal, Vancouver, Bermuda, Rarotonga, and Ottawa. In all these places, she fished, gardened, cooked, sailed, sang songs, and created mobiles. She spent the best of her latter years nurturing and defending the farm she and John owned in Frelighsburg, Quebec, with its fabulous gardens, views into the Green Mountains of Vermont, and spacious art studio. She is survived by her son Banning, who provided the details for this memorial; son Stephen; daughter Alison; and three grandchildren. Inquiries and condolences may be made to Banning Eyre.

Appeared in Reed magazine: June 2013

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