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Levi Goodrich Duclos ’15

A picture of Levi Duclos

Levi Goodrich Duclos ’15, January 9, 2012, while hiking in the Green Mountains of Vermont. Freshman at Reed. Lively rugger running back. Outreach science teacher—“Do your best,” they said he always said. Budding banjoist. Skier. Hiker. Proud owner of flimsy bike. Thrift store shopper. Intrepid traveler. Found his tribe on the first floor of Scholz Hall. Humorous, hilarious, uproarious. Kind, casual, confident. Stubborn. Easily intrigued. Easily engaged. Easy smile. Red curly hair you could spot in a crowd. Baggy shorts, dusty flip-flops. Beautiful hands seeking music from his Fender guitar. Best brother to his only brother. Beloved son of his father, deceased, and his mother, living in Vermont. Journal keeper. Letter writer. Enjoyer of yelling. Couch-on-the-roof sitter. Saltine-cracker collector. Loved people. Loved possibilities. Loved life. Ashes scattered in Reed’s canyon, the place which first won him over, 3,000 miles from home. Donations in Levi’s memory to the Biology Outreach Program at Reed.

Appeared in Reed magazine: June 2012

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