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Marian Helen Stevens Larson ’37

Marian Helen Stevens Larson ’37, October 11, 2010, in Tualatin, Oregon. When Marian graduated from Portland's Lincoln High School, she received the gift of a 1929 Model A Ford, which she named “M.D.,” short for doctor of medicine-her “special dream.” She studied at Reed for two years, leaving the college so that her sister would have the means to attend school. As a mother in 1950, Marian completed a BS in nursing at St. Vincent Hospital in Portland, which, she said, partially realized her original dream. She also earned an MS in nursing from the University of Oregon in 1959 and “set forth on a very rewarding career.” She helped activate a new Veterans Administration hospital in Sepulveda, California, and was the first director of nursing at the Dammasch State Hospital in Wilsonville, Oregon, where she worked for nine years. She also was an instructor in psychiatric and medical-surgical nursing at Clark College for over a decade. In later years, she lived in Tualatin, where volunteered for the Tualatin Historical Society, the Tualatin-Durham Senior Citizens Center, and the Tualatin Presbyterian Church. Marian's son died in 1991; survivors include three grandchildren.

Appeared in Reed magazine: June 2011

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