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Kimberly Jae Quirk Baker ’88

A picture of Kimberly Quirk Baker

Kimberly Jae Quirk Baker ’88, January 31, 2011, in Arvada, Colorado. Kim earned a BA from Reed in international studies. Just out of college, she planned a career in acting and modeling, but instead developed her skills in design and graphic arts and worked as an art director in Hood River, Oregon, before moving to a similar position in Half Moon Bay, California. Later she became an emergency medical technician and took up the hobby of airplane flying. She was also a musician and released an album, I Can't Wait, in 2003. “My career today has little to do with my major field of study at Reed,” Kim wrote. “However, my learning experience was invaluable. Each day I find new ways to use the knowledge I gained at Reed, and I don't mean just academic knowledge. Two of the most important things I learned were to respect the diversity of other people and how to learn.” Kim is survived by her daughter Victoria, age 2.

Appeared in Reed magazine: June 2011

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