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Elizabeth Edson Raymond ’43

Elizabeth Edson Raymond '43, July 27, 2010, in Seattle, Washington. After her father died when she was one year old, Elizabeth moved with her mother from Montana to Tacoma, Washington, where her mother worked in the city's library system. Elizabeth studied at Reed for three years, and met her future husband, clinical psychologist William T. Raymond ’41, MA ’42, on her first evening on campus at the new-student dinner-dance. She related many details about her experience at Reed in an oral history interview in 2003. One of her reasons for choosing to major in sociology included reading The Grapes of Wrath, she said. “My mom brought me the book and I read it with passion and sorrow. And that made me very interested in how these people could be helped to better their lives. And social work, social service was a way of helping, I felt.” After Bill was drafted into service in World War II, Elizabeth returned to Tacoma and completed a BA in sociology at the University of Washington. They married in 1943 and raised a son and daughter. Bill died in 1993.

Appeared in Reed magazine: June 2011

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