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Marjorie Roston Ireland ’62

A picture of Marjorie Roston Ireland

Marjorie Roston Ireland ’62, September 11, 2009, in Minneapolis, Minnesota. After attending Reed for three years, she transferred to the University of Minnesota, where she earned a BA in sociology. In 1994, she received a PhD from the university in biostatistics. She was a research analyst for the university's school of public health and for the State of Minnesota. Marjorie was passionate about bicycling: she was a national champion racer in her 40s, and a dedicated commuter, who rode to work—weather permitting—and even to chemotherapy treatments. She volunteered with the Minnesota Coalition of Bicyclists and the U.S. Cycling Federation. During Renn Fayre 2007, she returned to Reed with roommates Kelly Pomeroy ’61 and Carol Petterson Hurwitz ’62. They brought a substitute for the Westport Cupids and its story, described in their delightful booklet The Woodstock Tales: À la Recherche de Choses Perdues ( Marjorie lived with ovarian cancer for nearly nine years. The online guestbook site dedicated to Marjorie, to which Don Enderton ’63 directed us, includes many exclamations about Marjorie's vital and joyful presence. She was an intelligent, resourceful, and loving individual. Kelly wrote: “Marjorie was exposed to many influences as she grew to adulthood, but it was the rational and humanitarian ones that resonated with her, and that she chose to shape her life. I'm not sure where she got her sense of humor.” From Carol: “She was fun, full of interesting ideas, and artistically creative. Our friendship grew and grew in the years after our children were grown. My confidant and support, even when she herself was sick, will be missed, but the fun and shared love of learning will remain with me forever.” We learned from daughter Michele Ireland that Marjorie loved the outdoors and enjoyed teaching her children and grandchildren the names of plants and trees. Michele also shared a link,, which features Marjorie at the Frauenschuh Cancer Center of Park Nicollet, talking about living with a cancer diagnosis. Marjorie's survivors include her two daughters; three grandchildren; two sisters, including Carol Roston Wyszomirski ’63; and two brothers. The Marjorie Ireland Research Scholarship at the University of Minnesota will be given each year to a fellow in the division of adolescent health and medicine.

Appeared in Reed magazine: June 2010

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