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Winifred Dorian Earickson ’35

Winifred Dorian Earickson ’35, April 17, 2004, in Kelseyville, California, following a short illness. Winifred attended Reed for four years in a combined program with the Portland Art Museum, finishing her fifth year and earning a BA at San Diego State University. She taught art and special education to elementary and intermediate students in seven different school districts. She was also a freelance artist and writer. She wrote that the classroom experience at Reed provided her a "great standard of human potential" with which to measure others, and with a model for her own teaching. She lived for a time in Corvallis, Oregon, taught courses in the experimental college at Oregon State University, and was engaged in compiling a book advocating "a generic Sabbath" for the whole world, "starting any day, just a rhythm of seven for right brain activities." She was also working on a collection of ceramic masks, whose images came from "dipping into [my] intuitive generic feelings for facial, racial types." She married Robert R. Earickson in 1941, and they had four daughters and one son. Later in life, she changed her name to Marina Verde. Survivors include her children. Her brother, Richard C. Green ’35, also attended Reed.

Appeared in Reed magazine: February 2005

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