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Helen Sutton Gulick ’33

Helen Sutton Gulick ’33, March 10, 2003, in Sacramento, California. Helen attended Reed for two years and received a BA in art from Mills College in 1934. She moved to Boston, sharing an apartment with a sister and volunteering for numerous and challenging community services. She assisted one of the first occupational therapists at the Children’s Hospital in demonstrating the value of craft work in the recovery process for children. Helen did graduate work in child development and taught for two years. She married Luther H. Gulick, and they had three sons. The health needs of one son necessitated a move to California, where she earned her state teaching credentials and worked as a primary school teacher and substitute teacher. She cared for her home and family, and volunteered in the community. She studied painting and taught it to others. Helen and her husband traveled to Hawaii, Mexico, and Europe, and were pleased to be living in Sacramento at a time when its culture and community were rapidly expanding.

Appeared in Reed magazine: February 2004

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