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Dagmar Marie Cogill ’49

Dagmar Marie Cogill ’49, June 18, 2001. Dagmar attended Reed for a year and half, a time that taught her to think and challenge ideas, she later wrote. She noted that the one-year humanities course with Rex Arragon [history 1923–62, 1970–74] "was the most illuminating, liberating, and inspiring experience" of her education. She obtained a BA in business and art from Antioch University in 1982 and tended her avocation as a painter and graphic designer in the San Francisco area. She was active in her community for numerous social and civil causes, served an associate director for National Aid to the Visually Handicapped, was chief financial officer for the San Francisco Bay Girl Scout Council, and was president of the San Francisco Women Artists. Her marriage ended in divorce, and she had a daughter and son.

Appeared in Reed magazine: February 2003

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