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Florence Swanson Ango ’30

Florence Swanson Ango ’30, October 27, 2000, in Portland. After graduating from Reed, she took a job in the engineering field, doing ballistic research for the U.S. War Department in Washington, D.C. She married Walter Ango in 1934. In 1943, they returned to Portland and she joined Bonneville Power Administration as an electrical engineer. As a member of the system engineering staff, she won monetary awards and certificates for her contributions. At the time of her retirement in 1963, Stewart Udall, then Secretary of the Interior, awarded her the department’s Meritorious Service Award. After retiring, she helped her husband in his insurance business, and she began studying law through a correspondence course with Chicago LaSalle Extension University. She earned a diploma in law in 1967. Her husband died in 1989.

Appeared in Reed magazine: February 2001

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