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Jose Brown ’71

Jose Brown ’71, May 1, 1996, of causes related to AIDS, in Portland, where he had lived during the last stages of his illness. Jose was a professional dancer, choreographer, and teacher, and was director of his own dance company, Changing Dance Theatre. He attended Reed for two years and then transferred to the California Institute of Arts, majoring in dance. He traveled extensively in Europe and Asia, learning more about other dance forms and performing in Paris, Holland, Denmark, Italy, Greece, and many other countries. While in India and Nepal, he lived in Tibetan monasteries and choreographed and danced with the Tibetan Opera. He lived for four years in Tokyo, Japan, where he taught dance, performed, and choreographed, and studied Noh Theatre. In New York City, he danced with Pearl Lang, Kei Takei’s Moving Earth, and other dance groups as well as with his own company. His last Portland appearance was "Soldiers," a solo dance improvisational performance held in April 1995.

See also: "Arte Povera," Reed magazine (May 2001)

Appeared in Reed magazine: February 1997

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