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Miriamma Anderson Carson ’63

Miriamma Anderson Carson ’63, September 30, 1995, of cancer, in Seattle, Washington. After spending two years at Reed, Miriamma moved to Los Angeles and did training at Harbor Hospital in the area of women’s health care. She was an antiwar activist and women’s rights advocate in San Francisco during the ’60s. In 1973, she moved to Seattle, where she continued to work in women’s health care and advocacy. In 1980, she became one of Washington state’ s first licensed lay midwives. She worked at Fremont Women’s Clinic, which later merged with the 45th Street Clinic, as a women’s health care specialist and midwife, for nearly 20 years and became known for her commitment to women’s health issues and her dedication to her clients. Survivors include a brother and sister, two sons, and a grandson.

Appeared in Reed magazine: February 1996

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