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Donald H. Campbell ’51

Donald H. Campbell ’51, September 21, 1994, in Portland, of cancer. He was a building contractor known for the preservation and rehabilitation of historic buildings in the Portland area. Donald attended Reed from 1947 to 1949, leaving to join the U.S. Coast Guard. He served in the U.S. Navy during the Korean War and then returned to Portland, where he earned a BA in engineering from the University of Portland. He worked with Rose City Pre-Cut and Timber Structures until the early ’60s, when he started his own company, P&C Construction Company. Donald developed a strong working relationship with businessmen Sam Naito and Bill Naito ’49, who were interested in the restoration of older Portland buildings. Among Donald's more notable restorative or rehabilitation projects are downtown Portland's Galleria Building, the Montgomery Park building in northwest Portland, and Reed's Unified Science Library. In a tribute to Donald, Bill Naito credited him with having “done more in the market of historic building preservation than any other single contractor.” Bill dedicated the Don Campbell Hall in Montgomery Park in his honor. Survivors include his wife, two sons, and five grandchildren.

Appeared in Reed magazine: February 1995

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