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John L. Bjorkstam [physics]

His scientific career interest spanned a technological timeline from vacuum tubes to quantum mechanics. Born in Seattle, Prof. John L. Bjorkstam [physics 1986–87] graduated from Ballard High School and served in the Navy. He graduated from the University of Washington in electrical engineering, gaining both master’s and doctorate degrees. He was appointed assistant professor in electrical engineering at UW in 1955, and then advanced to professor in 1965. Bjorkstam specialized in solid-state electronics and studies of molecular motion and ferroelectrics. He did consulting work for Boeing on solid-state maser research,and in 1967–1968 worked on ferroelectricity in France and Yugoslavia. After retiring from UW, he taught at Reed for one year and consulted for several agencies and institutes on various projects to include preliminary research on MRI. John also served on various boards, including Trinity Western University Board of Governors and United Evangelical Free Church. He was married for 66 years to his wife, Gwen.

Appeared in Reed magazine: December 2016

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