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Georgianne Schmuckal Kimberley ’75

Georgianne came to Reed from the Academy of the Holy Child in Portland, and earned a BA in psychology, writing a thesis on the behavior of serval cats. Her 45-year career in telecommunications began in high school, when she was a directory assistance operator; continued through her years at Reed; and evolved into installation and maintenance for business telephone systems (including climbing telephone poles) and to senior systems engineer positions for the global and nationwide networks of AT&T, Cerium, FAST, and Avaya. Clients and coworkers held her in great respect. Georgianne is remembered as an exceptionally bright person, with a quick and delightful sense of humor, a love of travel, and a spirit for adventure. “She was kind and generous, and was forever a beacon for lost, misfit cats and dogs.” Survivors include her husband of 15 years, Ogden Kimberley, bagpiper for many Reed commencement ceremonies, and their extended families.

Appeared in Reed magazine: December 2015

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