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Caroline Kittredge Crosby-Williams ’57

Kit attended Reed for three years and earned a BA and MA in behavioral clinical psychology from San Francisco State. She was married to Donald L. Williams and lived in Austin, Texas, for nine years, while Donald earned a PhD. They moved to Hyampom, California, in 1969 and raised their three children, daughters Margo and Kathleen and son David, on a 125-acre ranch. Her family reports, “Here Kit realized her homesteading dream, learning and practicing land stewardship, animal husbandry, and self-sufficient living with and from the land. Her commitment and dedication to her children was unwavering, always present, enduring, reliable and bedrock solid.” 

Following divorce, Kit moved to Arcata. She had a private practice focusing on family and marriage counseling in Eureka. She worked for the Behavioral Development Center and the Open Door Clinic, and in private practice was an advocate for adults and children surviving abuse. She was a court-appointed advocate for children. She cofounded the Arcata Marsh Commons Co-Housing project. “She was intent on living in a cooperative community composed of people and the adjacent environment, with a conscious minimal impact. She lived there and participated for many years. Her commitment to community and the land was, as always, steadfast and purposeful.” Kit supported and volunteered with local organizations advocating human rights, environmental and land stewardship, and peace. She spent her final years in the Freshwater area, surrounded by her horses, fruit trees, wild azaleas, and a herd of deer. “As I look at my life,” Kit wrote, “I realize how much my years at Reed are part of who I am. Thanks!” Survivors include her children, three grandsons, and a great-granddaughter.

Appeared in Reed magazine: December 2015

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