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Delphine C. Parr Frazier ’44

Delphine C. Parr Frazier ’44, August 5, 2011, in San Jose, California. A gifted musician and an accomplished swimmer, Delphine grew up in Portland and earned her BA from Reed in literature. Memories of Reed included Rex Arragon [history 1923–74] and his passion for the rise of civilization and the humanities; Barry Cerf [English 1921–48] on the touchstone theory of Matthew Arnold; Victor Chittick [English 1921–48] and the connection of literature and art to the richness of everyday life; and Lloyd Reynolds [English and art 1929–69], who really knew how to teach writing and to inspire a passionate hope for all of mankind, she wrote. “By encouraging my desire to learn, to think, to use reason, to question, and reach for the best in literature and in life, Reed provided a foundation for my life’s philosophy.” At Reed, she met another musician, Thomas L. Frazier ’42; they married in 1947, following his return from service in the army during World War II. (Tom’s early life in Germany and his intelligence work behind German lines in France and Italy during the war were the subjects of his memoir, Between the Lines, which Delphine helped him publish in 2001.) After Reed, the couple moved on to Washington and California for graduate study in social work. Tom completed a master’s degree in 1961, and Delphine completed an MSW 10 years later. Both retired in 1977 and began teaching humanistic theories and providing workshops on transactional analysis in Europe. In 1996, the International Transactional Analysis Association recognized their work with the Hedges Capers Humanitarian Award. Delphine was highly regarded by her peers and loved by her students. She was devoted to her husband and three children. Tom died in 2004, and Delphine moved to San Jose to be near family. Survivors include two sons, Christopher and Richard; a daughter, Delphine Anne; and three grandchildren.

Appeared in Reed magazine: December 2011

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