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Loretta Mary Wollett ’47

Loretta Mary Wollett ’47, April 14, 2008, in Portland. Loretta received a BA from Reed in literature and languages. She worked as a translator in U.S. embassies in Switzerland and Yugoslavia, and was assigned by the State Department to direct the Latin American division of Voice of America in New York. At the request of her parents, she returned to Portland, where she taugh social studies and English at Washington High School. In 1961, she earned an MEd from the University of Oregon, after which she taught Russian at Cleveland High School until her retirement in 1990. She managed exchange programs with students at Cleveland and the Soviet Union, and ran summer language camps in Russian. She also taught French, German, Japanese, Latin, Serbo-Croatian, and Spanish. In retirement, she continued to teach, and took piano lessons at the Community Music Center. Loretta was a member of the Oregon Foreign Language Board, and an 80-year member of the Roman Catholic Church. The Oregon Foreign Language Council honored her in 1973 as one of two outstanding foreign language teachers in Portland.

Appeared in Reed magazine: August 2008

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