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John Doherty Rice ’43

John Doherty Rice ’43, September 24, 2004, in Lake Oswego, Oregon. John spent two and a half years at Reed, before entering the U.S. Army in World War II. He remained in the army for 22 years, retiring as a lieutenant colonel in 1963. In the course of military duty lived in Europe, Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Iceland, and South Vietnam. He studied at the University of Vienna (1946–47), and then pursued political science and public administration at the University of Louisville, before being ordered to duty in the Korean War. Later he attended Portland State University (1960–62), but his academic work was interrupted by duty in Vietnam. His extensive credit hours were foiled by residency or military duty issues and never yielded an official bachelor’s degree. He gave up the process noting, “I had become an undergraduate educated fool.” In 1963, he began a position as staff assistant for the Multnomah County Board of Commissioners, and was appointed as a county representative in 1967 to the anti-poverty agency, the Portland Metropolitan Steering Committee. With that association he worked until 1974, and continued with PMSC for three more years, at the request of the Albina Women’s League Foundation. Of his 10 years with the agency, John served four as its chair. John married, but did not have children. His sister, Margaret M. Rice ’42, was a graduate of Reed.

Appeared in Reed magazine: August 2005

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