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Hazel Kathryn Murray ’20

Hazel Kathryn Murray ’20, January 20, 1992, in Washington. Hazel attended Washington State College (University) at Pullman for two years, then transferred to Reed, receiving a BA in economics. Following graduation, she took a position as principal of an elementary school in Dungeness, Washington. She worked within the Clallam Bay community for 43 years, as a principal, superintendent, and teacher. She relished the years she taught in high school classrooms. In 1937, she and her brother bought a merchandising business, which they operated for 23 years. ("Here I put into practice what I had learned in Professor Hastings’ [Hudson B., 1911–20] economics classes at Reed.") Outside of her academic and business careers, Hazel volunteered for the Red Cross, United Good Neighbors, various county and state education associations, Upsilon Chapter of Delta Kappa Gamma, and for the Presbyterian Church. She did graduate study at the University of Washington, the University of Hawaii, and UCLA during summer sessions; toured all U.S. states, but one; and also traveled to Mexico and Canada.

Appeared in Reed magazine: August 2004

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