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Elizabeth Lu Mall Trumbo ’33

Elizabeth Lu Mall Trumbo ’33, March 17, 1999, in Forest Grove, Oregon. Elizabeth received a bachelor’s degree in mathematics from Reed and faced a difficult job market for teaching, her intended occupation. Because of a course she had taken in statistics at Reed, she gained employment with the newly founded Relief Committee in Portland. She worked for the county and state in payroll and administrative offices until World War II, when she took a position as secretary to the manager of the Oregon Marine Supply Company. Elizabeth married Jonas E. Durr in 1947 and moved to Baker, Oregon. Elizabeth and Jonas adopted a son, whom she raised, following her husband's death in 1960, by working in the same retail business in which Jonas had been employed, and for the county clerk’s office. In 1972 she married Joseph W. Trumbo; they lived for a year in Baker before moving to Puget Sound, Washington. During their 20-year marriage, they enjoyed many adventures in the U.S. and Canada.

Appeared in Reed magazine: August 2004

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