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Barbara Hathaway Kellogg-Smith Blohm ’46

Barbara Hathaway Kellogg-Smith Blohm ’46, February 11, 2003, in her home in Chestertown, Maryland. Hathaway attended Reed with a focus in premedicine. She married Richard W. Blohm ’48 in 1944 and they raised a family; first living in Sunnyvale, California, and then moving to her family’s farm on the Chester River in Maryland. In addition to managing the farm, Hathaway supported equestrian sports on regional, national (including the U.S. Pony Club), and international levels, and served as a mentor to young equestrians. She also volunteered with Kent County social services, assisting disadvantaged families. A few years ago, the Blohms sold their farm and moved to a cottage in the woods, where there was "roaming room" for their pets and an opportunity to enjoy a great variety of wildlife—an experience described as "Canyon Day, all year long." Survivors include her husband, three daughters and a son, eight grandchildren, a great-grandchild, and a brother and sister.

Appeared in Reed magazine: August 2003

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