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Katherine Niles Lind ’28

Katherine Niles Lind ’28, January 29, 2000, in Honolulu, Hawaii, where she had lived for 65 years. After graduating from Reed, she moved to Chicago and spent two years as the editorial secretary of Religious Education, published by the Religious Education Association. She then entered the graduate program in sociology at the University of Chicago, where she also worked in the sociology department, earning a master’s degree in 1935. While there, she met and married her husband, Andrew Lind, who was on the faculty at the University of Hawaii, Honolulu. During World War II, she worked for the YWCA as a counselor, and she continued there as a volunteer after the war. She also helped her husband edit his writings on social relations in Hawaii. In 1959, she took a paid position with the YWCA as associate director of the education department, and later became administrative director. She retired in 1969, but resumed the position for several years in the 1970s. She and her husband spent sabbatical years in Jamaica, Thailand, and Singapore, and also traveled to Europe and parts of the U.S. In retirement, she continued to volunteer with the YWCA, the Church of the Crossroads, Common Cause, and Pan Pacific and Southeast Asia Women’s Association. She is survived by two sons, a daughter, several grandchildren, and a sister, Helen Niles Bentley ’32. Her husband predeceased her.

Appeared in Reed magazine: August 2000

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