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Robert C. Crockett ’64

Robert C. Crockett ’64, in 1967 in Ukraine, killed by a drunk driver in a Soviet army truck. Rob had just completed requirements to earn a BA from Reed in political science. Celia Hansen Morris ’64 and her husband, Bob Morris ’64, knew Rob briefly during their years at Reed. “Rob had taken one or two years off, so he wasn't consistently with our class.” Celia and Bob remained friends after Reed with Prof. Dina Berman [Russian 1964–66], "a single parent, an Israeli sabra, and a quite young postgrad Russian instructor at Reed." Rob babysat for Dina's delightful 6-year-old daughter, Hepzibah, says Celia, "and, eventually, one thing led to another; they married shortly after they'd both left Reed.” In 1967, the Morrises, who were in Ithica, New York, visited Rob and Dina, who were living in Nashville, Tennessee, where Dina was teaching at Vanderbilt and Rob was finishing his Reed degree. “Rob and Dina told us about their upcoming trip [later that summer] to the Soviet Union, where Dina was going to be doing some research.” From Dina they received the news that Rob had been killed instantly in the accident and Dina was hospitalized for several months to recover from the extensive injuries she received. Celia and Bob stayed in touch with Dina, who eventually remarried and moved to Atlanta, and has been working with computers. [Memorial by Celia Hansen Morris ’64, July 2014.]

Appeared in Reed magazine: September 1967 [Reed Bulletin]

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