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Judson Gerwin ’82

January 3, 2021, in Ada, Michigan, of cancer.

Jud was born in Chicago, Illinois, where his first architectural endeavor may have been constructing Jud’s Eats when he was about nine. He began his professional career as an architect years later in Cincinnati. He later moved to the Grand Rapids area of Michigan, settling in Ada, where he began working for Sears Architects, designing homes from the modest to the magnificent and leaving his mark on the western Michigan landscape.

An English major at Reed, he wrote his thesis on “The Exposure of the Reader: A Reading of John Hawk’s The Blood Oranges.” He studied architecture at the University of Cincinnati, receiving a BA in architecture/environmental design.

Jud delighted in children, loved interacting with clients, and relished Sunday mornings with the New York Times and reading late into the night. Like the authors he loved, he could spin tales crafted to confuse, amuse, and ultimately pull in his listeners, particularly the naive ones. He is survived by his wife, Lynn Arnold, and his daughter, Hannah Gerwin.

Appeared in Reed magazine: March 2022

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