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Mark Gabor ’60

May 2020, in New York, New York, as a result of complications from COVID-19.

Mark earned a bachelor’s degree in literature at Reed, where he wrote his thesis, “Dryden’s Chaucerian Fables,” advised by Prof. William Alderson [English 1943–64]. As a student at Reed, he lived on a houseboat on the Willamette.

“Reed gave me the confidence to pursue a career in publishing,” he said. “It taught me to think for myself; not to be cowed by the establishment. I wish I could take the two years of humanities all over again.”

After earning a master’s of journalism from New York University, Mark became a director at the publishing firm of David & Charles, Inc., in Vermont. He continued to work as a freelance writer and editorial consultant and in 1960, he completed research and editing on a book, The Lower Eastside—Then and Now, a history and tour guide of New York’s colorful years of immigration and cultural assimilation. Other books he wrote include Art of the Calendar; The Pin-Up: A Modest History; Illustrated History of Girlie Magazines: From National Police Gazette to the Present; Houseboats: Living on the Water around the World; a book on the history of the Mayflower Hotel in Washington, D.C.; and 111 Shops in New York that You Must Not Miss, which he wrote with his life partner, artist and book designer Susan Lusk. She survives him, as does his daughter, Julia Gabor.

Appeared in Reed magazine: March 2021

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