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Berenice Stocks Jolliver ’52

March 29, 2020, in Vancouver, Washington.

Berenice was raised with six brothers and sisters in Portland. Vibrant and quick-witted, she loved school and particularly enjoyed student government and debate. She received a scholarship to Reed and attended a dual-enrollment program with the Portland Art Museum. Through this program, she met her future husband, artist Irvin Jolliver ’51. They shared a common interest in the arts, married, and built a home in Vancouver, Washington, where they raised a family and enjoyed creative pursuits for 68 years.

A passionate advocate for the arts, Berenice chaired the Vancouver Art Fair and organized regional Northwest artists to create Vancouver’s long-running Hudson’s Bay Art Fair. Art and community were also highlighted in her work for the Columbian and the Fort Vancouver Regional Library, and her list of volunteer works included art, education, and community. An enthusiastic and eclectic reader, she loved finding new sources of inspiration for herself and others. She is survived by her children: Cerise, Linette, Cynthia, Holly, and Vincent.

Appeared in Reed magazine: September 2021

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