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Ciara Collins ’17

April 24, 2020, in Vancouver, Washington, from injuries sustained in an automobile accident.

Ciara was born in New Haven and spent her childhood in Madison, Connecticut, where she graduated from Daniel Hand High School.  She wrote her thesis, “Get Ready with Me,” with Prof. Akihiko Miyoshi [art 2005–] advising. A warm and spirited young woman, she expressed herself through her writing, photography, art, music, and dance.

“Of the many losses Ciara’s death brings, I mourn her unique and beautiful mind the most,” wrote her friend Toby Alden. “Ciara found connections and meaning where others saw nothing. She loved movies and we often watched them together. Once I watched over her shoulder as she searched for a movie to watch. Seeing her pick and choose movies that seemed totally unrelated, I got confused and asked how she was selecting them. She told me she was looking for movies that contained words or phrases she’d heard earlier that day—movies that held coincidences. What a beautiful way to see yourself and the world! A. I’m forever grateful to have been able to share her life, to love her, and to have caught glimpses of the world she saw—one full of meaning, intent, and purpose.”

Ciara is survived by her parents, Shari and John Collins, and her brother, Sean.

Appeared in Reed magazine: December 2020

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