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Jean Pecore Wever ’47

August 7, 2019, in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Jean was born in Washington, D.C., attended schools in Portland, and started at Reed when she was 16. Majoring in biology, she wrote her thesis, “A Preliminary Report on the Distribution of Alkaline Phosphatase in Triturus torosus,” advised by Prof. Frank P. Hungate [biology 1946–52]. At Reed, she met and married Robert Charles Wever ’50. Their daughter Sara was born while they were living in Texas, and Mary was born while they were living in Hawaii. In 1960, the family moved to Salt Lake City, where Jean taught special-needs students. When the family moved to Phoenix, Arizona, she earned a second bachelor’s degree in art from Arizona State University.

To be near children and grandchildren, Jean and Robert returned to Salt Lake City in 1990. Jean was an avid gardener and enjoyed genealogy.  She is survived by her daughters, Sara Louise Wever and Mary Wever Moore.

Appeared in Reed magazine: December 2019

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