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Glen H. Cole ’54

August 11, 2019, in Eugene, Oregon.

With a double major in art and anthropology, Glen wrote his thesis, “A Study of the Tlingit Boxes of the Rasmussen Collection,” with his advisers, Professors Lloyd Reynolds [English and art 1929–69] and David French [anthropology 1947–88]. He went on to get both his master’s degree and a PhD in archaeology at the University of Chicago.

An anthropologist and professor, Glen developed an interest in Africa in the late ’50s, when he worked with the University of Chicago in Ismailia in northeast Egypt, known as “the city of beauty and enchantment.” He became the curator of prehistory at the Field Museum of Natural History in Chicago, and he did a lot of anthropological work in Africa. He also worked with the Smithsonian Institute on the Arabian Peninsula and with the Uganda Museum on the specific problem of transitional industries. Glen remembered Reed College generously in his estate plans.

Appeared in Reed magazine: December 2019

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