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Garry Whyte ’73

August 14, 2018, in Aurora, Oregon.

Garry was admitted to Reed at the age of 15, but deferred his enrollment for seven years. In that time, he was a ski instructor and did two tours of duty in Vietnam. He entered Reed in 1969, leaving in 1972 to complete his degree at UC Berkeley. As a mechanical engineer, Gary worked building machines for agriculture and for cleaning up oil spills. He founded two companies: PrivateCode, which specialized in private transactions via the web and other commerce, and 1-800-CHARITY, the first national system to deliver contributions from donors to any charity without cost to the charity.

Gary is survived by his daughter, Hallie Whyte: his son, Jeremy Whyte; his sister Sue Schaefer; and his love, Kathy Grant.

Appeared in Reed magazine: March 2018

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