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Charlene Welsh Miller ’42

April 25, 2018, in Ithaca, New York, following a stroke.

A Portland native, Charlene graduated from Reed with a degree in English language and literature. Four years later, she married the love of her life, a fellow Reedie named Frank Barton Miller Jr. ’43. After receiving his doctorate from Cornell University, Frank joined its faculty as a professor of industrial and labor relations. An active member of the Cornell community, Charlene worked in the music department of the College of Arts & Sciences, volunteered as an employment counselor at the Professional Skills Roster, and participated in the activities of the Cornell Catholic Community.  She was a proud member of the Drama Club of Ithaca for more than 30 years and provided piano lessons to people in the area. During their 60 years of marriage, the couple was rarely apart, sharing a love of music and the arts, traveling to Shakespeare festivals, the ballet, concerts, and art tours.

Many years after graduating from Reed, Charlene wrote to say, “My life was much enriched by my Reed experience of the values on ‘learning to learn,’ and the nobility of the endeavor of becoming an informed and literate adult. In addition, I must acknowledge the high value to me of my experiences with such outstanding scholars as Profs. Collier, Cerf, Munk, and Reynolds.”

Frank died in 2006. Charlene is survived by her sister, Patricia Cook; her daughter, Patricia Ross; and her sons, Kevin and Brian.

Appeared in Reed magazine: September 2018

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