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Steven G. Brown ’73

January 22, 2017, at home in Niskayuna, New York.

Steve grew up less than a mile from the beach in Los Angeles and experienced the perfect 1950s childhood. He seemed larger than life—six-feet-five, with a big heart and a generous sense of humor. Fiercely intelligent and independent, he studied classics on an academic scholarship at Reed, where he said he was glad to have been able to spend two years. After serving in the army in Germany, he attended school there and traveled through Europe.

A thoughtful and meticulous designer, Steve specialized in custom furniture and the restoration and repair of stringed instruments. He built his own business over 40 years and leaves behind a collection of treasured work. His interests were broad and eclectic: 1960s California surf music, target shooting, pre-1974 MGs, and the mechanical workings of the world. He is survived by his wife, Lisa Brown ’71; sons Max and Will; and his German shepherd, Junior.

Appeared in Reed magazine: September 2017

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