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Noe Nicolas Villarreal ’17

Photo of Nico Villarreal

Noe, known by family and friends as Nico, is survived by his father, Noe Villarreal, and three brothers, Julian Munoz Villarreal, Roman Villarreal, and Mateo Gil Villarreal. Nico’s mother passed away on December 22, 2005. This day was very dear to Nico, as family and friends knew very well. He was blessed with many little cousins who adored him because he always played games with them and tossed them up to the ceiling. Nico enjoyed traveling, which tapped into his love for meeting people. He was fascinated with his friends’ personal lives, and before they knew it, he would visit them. One thing about Nico, you were a friend for life. His elementary, middle, and high school friends knew of his whereabouts through Facebook.

Nico found out about Reed from his art teacher at North Mesquite High School, whose daughter went there. He told me after he was accepted that there would be no substitute for Reed as his continuing education destination. He struggled with his grades, but his social life, which was his first love, opened a world beyond the borders of Texas. He wished to visit all his Reedie friends, but there were financial constraints and in the end time did not allow.

I and (I am sure) you have been blessed with coming across a person who loved you for who you are. “May the smiles, shared laughs, kind words and hugs which may seem only from yesterday’s memories warm your heart.” May Nico continue to live in your memory a long time. He was our firecracker!  —by Noe Villarreal

Appeared in Reed magazine: December 2017

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