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George Simpson Barton ’55

George was born in Newark, Ohio, the son of the Rev. Lane Barton and Mary Simpson Barton. He went to Reed and the University of Oregon Medical School , and though much of his professional life was spent as a neurologist at Kaiser Permanente, he lived a life of service—serving in the army as a doctor in Germany, volunteering in the Peace Corps in Tunisia, and providing medical care at the Portland Black Panthers’ free clinic. After his son, William, was disabled by a brain tumor, George cared for him and enabled Will to live independently for 37 years.

George’s wife, Elizabeth McManus MAT ’70, survives him, as do his children, Anne Fitzpatrick ’78, Abraham, Catherine, Mariniah Prendergast ’89, and his siblings, the Rev. Lane Barton Jr. and Mary Faust. His son William predeceased him.

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