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For Journalists: Hear from Our Faculty Experts

The Reed College faculty includes more than 160 accomplished scholars in the arts and sciences who can provide expert commentary on topics of local, national, and international significance. Reed faculty are on the cutting edge of their disciplines, covering more than 40 majors and programs at Reed. Below is a sampling of Reed’s faculty experts. Have a specific topic you are looking for an expert to speak on? Contact public affairs at for more information.

A Sampling of Reed’s Faculty

Kristen Anderson on Reed campus

Professor Kristen G. Anderson

Professor of Psychology
PhD, University of Kentucky
MEd, American International College
BA, Drew University

Professor Anderson’s specialty is the developmental psychopathology of addictive behaviors in children and adolescents. Her work focuses on the development of cognitive assessments of youth substance use decision-making, longitudinal modeling of process-oriented data, and the integration of personality and social-cognitive models of substance use initiation and maintenance.

Kara Becker on Reed campus

Professor Kara Becker

Professor of Linguistics
PhD, New York University
BA & MA, Stanford University

Professor Becker’s scholarship focuses on regional and social varieties of American English. She often talks to the media about linguistic diversity in the U.S., most commonly about the New York City dialect, but also about West Coast dialects and accents in film, TV, and politics. She is a sociolinguist, a variationist, and a dialectologist. She teaches courses on language and society, including dialects of English, contact languages, language, sex, gender and sexuality, and African American English.

Mark Burford on Reed campus

Professor Mark Burford

R.P. Wollenberg Professor of Music
PhD, Columbia University
MA, Columbia University
BA, University of California at Santa Barbara

Professor Burford’s research focuses on twentieth-century popular music in the United States, with particular focus on African American music after World War II and late eighteenth- and nineteenth-century Austro-German concert music.

Paul Gronke on Reed campus

Professor Paul Gronke

Professor of Political Science
PhD, University of Michigan
MA, University of Essex
BA, University of Chicago 

Professor Gronke is a professor of political science and director of the Elections and Voting Information Center. He studies American politics, specializing in convenience and early voting, election administration, public opinion, and elections. For the past decade, he has worked to improve access and ensure integrity in the American elections system, helping to guarantee that every eligible citizen in the United States can participate in our democratic system.

Joshua Howe on Reed campus

Professor Joshua Howe

Professor of History and Environmental
PhD, Stanford University
BA, Middlebury College

Professor Howe teaches courses in American and world environmental history, the history of science, and American foreign policy, as well as an interdisciplinary environmental studies program. He investigates the intersections of science and environmental politics in both foreign and domestic contexts. His recent books, Behind the Curve: Science and the Politics of Global Warming and Making Climate Change History: Documents from Global Warming’s Past explore the political history of climate change since the 1950s.

Dana Katz on Reed campus

Professor Dana E. Katz 

Joshua C. Taylor Professor of Art History and Humanities
PhD, University of Chicago
BA, University of Michigan

Professor Katz teaches courses in Renaissance art, architecture, and material culture; early modern culture in Europe, the Americas, and the Muslim Mediterranean; and art historical methodologies. Her research explores representations of religious differences in the art and culture of early modern Europe. 

Chris Koski photographed on campus

Professor Chris Koski

Professor of Political Science
MA & PhD, University of Washington
BA, Carroll College (Montana)

Professor Koski’s research interests include the policy process, with a particular theoretical focus on policy design and implementation. Substantively, he has focused on climate change adaptation policy, climate change mitigation policy, geoengineering, energy policy, environmental policy, and the politics of state budgeting.