Political Science

Chris Koski

Daniel B. Greenberg Professor of Political Science and Environmental Studies

Email | 503-517-7719 | Vollum 139
On sabbatical 2022/2023.

American government, public policy, political methodology, environmental policy.

B.A. 2001 Carroll College. M.A. 2003, Ph.D. 2007 University of Washington. Reed College 2011-.

Chris was an assistant professor at James Madison University from 2007–2011 and has been at Reed since Fall 2011. His research interests include many aspects of the policy process, with a particular theoretical focus on policy design and implementation. Substantively, Chris has focused on environmental policy, homeland security policy, and the politics of state budgeting. Chris currently teaches introduction to public policy, state and local politics & policy, and environmental politics & policy. Chris' classes are also a part of the environmental studies (ES) program at Reed.

He can be found talking politics and policy anywhere, but particularly where there is pinball, bowling, barbeque, and good fishing.

Curriculum Vitae